The Ill Wind Ensemble


Opening for Defiance Ohio

September 7, 2007 -- We'll be opening for Defiance Ohio at the Tinderbox in Brattleboro on Saturday, October 13.

Are You Going to Marlboro Fair?

August 22, 2007 -- Charlie, Kevin and John will be playing the processional to open the Marlboro Community Fair again this year. The Muster Field, Ames Hill Road, Marlboro, Vermont, September 8, 2007, 10:00 am. It always seems to fall on a gorgeous late summer day. Bagpipe, shawm, and hose trumpet. We never scare the horses despite the racket.


Looking for CDs in Hong Kong?

July 12, 2006 -- White Noise Records of Hong Kong has added Nobody Goes That Way to their catalog.

Model Citizens at RAMP in Bellows Falls

July 8, 2006 -- I went to the opening reception for Michael Oatman's Model Citizens at RAMP in Bellows Falls, VT. If you go, watch the video documentation on the little iPods mounted to the gallery walls. At some point, you'll hear some of our music on the soundtrack. Michael asked his friends The Burdens to provide live music for the opening. This duo plays deceptively simple tunes on guitar and drums that go deep into your subconscious.

Fusetron Carries Nobody Goes That Way

June 23, 2006 -- Now available on this side of the pond from Fusetron.

The Melody Bar Carries Spirit of Orr Release

June 14, 2006 -- The Melody Bar Web site has included "Nobody Goes That Way" (listed in their catalog as "A Home is a Journey," which is the series title, not the album title). Apex Online is based in Glasgow, so those of you in the UK who want to get a copy can order it there.

Gayle of The Melody Bar wrote this description in the online catalog: "a reissue of a cassette release from the mid-90s and a release that I'm truly thankful hasn't been lost in the mists of time: a collection of instrumentals recorded using wind instruments and some loose percussion. Reedy drones that have that spooky wind-whistling-thorugh-the-trees sound. Exotic pipe-blowing that sounds like its come straight from a souk. Sometimes playful and sometimes eerie and always fascinating."

Nobody Goes That Way Released on Spirit of Orr

May 6, 2006 -- Spirit of Orr just finished production on "Nobody Goes That Way," a re-release on CD of our first cassette-only recording. Details:

Kevin Moreau, Charlie Schneeweis and John Levin started the Ill Wind Ensemble in 1993. The original band had a shifting line up that included many of the wayward musicians that hung out in Brattleboro at McNeil's, but by 1994 it had settled down to a quartet, with percussionist Eric Boyer, that would perform together for another seven years. This recording from 1995 documents that quartet as they began to hone their free improvisations into a collective musical language. Using instruments from western, world, and home-made traditions, as well as toys and other found objects, and guided by a shared passion for droning modes, the unpredictable tunings of folk winds and reeds, and careful listening, the group, as Kevin liked to put it, "peeled the paint off the walls" of his Wilder Building studio with sounds like the ones captured on this CD. Originally produced in home-duplicated cassette format and sold only at concerts in a proto-internet and pre-downloadable world, this Spirit of Orr release captures a lost moment in time.

Model Citizens Soundtrack

January 17, 2006 -- We've been asked to provide some new music for the soundtrack to the video documentary component of Michael Oatman's art project Model Citizens.

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